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Quality Seeds
We are proud to be showcasing Franchi Seeds of Italy, the oldest seed company in the world. Franchi sources and commissions seeds direct from local traditional farmers all over Italy, home to some of the best produce in the world. Their seeds are mostly open-pollinated, heirloom varietals chosen for taste.
Sustainably Farmed
All of our seeds are non-GMO and free of controversial neonicotinoid pesticides, currently used for over 80% of the world’s seed production. Many Franchi vegetable varieties are also regional and they are not the mass produced, imported global ‘standard’ varieties found so commonly in seed packets today.
Free Shipping
Get the most sustainable mail ever!  Fuss-free and straight to you via local mail. No signing, waiting or scrambling home to meet the delivery van!
Quality Packaging
Franchi Seed packs are hermetically sealed in lightproof, airtight foil sachets with certified germination rates, purity specifications and a long shelf life (printed expiry date on each package). All seeds are also packed at source (Bergamo, Italy) to ensure provenance, purity, and longevity.
Value where it counts!
Franchi commissions and produces their produce their own seeds so they can afford to put more seed in their packets, guarantee their quality while offering great value for money.