More about Franchi

Franchi Seeds was founded in 1783 by Giovanni Franchi and it is still in the same family after 7 generations. Franchi are an independent family run seed company and are not linked to any seed companies.
So why buy Franchi?
No GMO (genetically modified) derived seeds are sold by Franchi.
Franchi seeds are guaranteed free of controversial neo-nicotinoid pesticides.
Franchi produces it's own seeds, therefore it can afford to put more seeds per packet.
Franchi Seed packets are hermetically sealed in lightproof, airtight foil sachets.
Franchi seeds have a certified germination rate and purity specification.
Franchi seeds have a long shelf life and have a printed expiry date on each packet.
All seeds are packed at source in Bergamo, Italy to ensure provenance, purity, and longevity
Established in 1783, Franchi is the oldest family-run seed company in the world. 
Franchi seeds are guardians to over 100 regional varieties which, if not maintained, will be lost to the world.
Many Franchi varietals are regional and not mass produced varieties found so commonly in seed packets today.
Franchi seeds are mostly open-pollinated, heirloom varietals chosen specifically for their taste.