The Basics

seeds germinating

Basic Planting instructions

Sowing your seeds

Sow your seeds in the best quality potting soil available. Most seeds need at least 6 hours of exposure to moisture in cool, dark soil where they have the best chance of sprouting. As a good rule of thumb, only bury the seed as deep as its length. Always keep the soil well watered and drained.


In general, give the plants the best soil you can prepare for them. There are many types so do have a chat with your knowledgeable gardening shop to choose the right soil for your needs. Watering at least once every other day will keep your plants drinking happy and make sure that the soil drains well and does not get waterlogged.
Always try your best to choose a spot where good air-circulation will allow the plants to breathe well while minimising the ill-effects of too much humidity.
It's usually a good idea to shade your plants from high-noon sun as most plants will be overstressed by it. As a rule of thumb, leafy vegetables and non-flowering plants only need about four to six hours of sunshine a day, while fruiting plants will need a full day of sunshine.
Happy planting!